Farm & Ranch Services


We have been heavily involved in Farm & Ranch development since 1999, building roads, earthen dams, brush clearing, tank clean-outs/dredge, and more.

  • 20,000+ acres brush clearing
  • 200+ miles of new roads
  • 350+ miles of road improvements including asphalt and chip seal
  • 140+ earthen dams with core and no failures
  • 250+ earthen dam renovations
  • 140+ plastic lined tanks and ponds
  • 500+ tank cleanouts/dry dredge excavation up to 300,000+ cu. yards
  • 2007, Dan Lowrance, Land Owner, 5 acre lake renovation, improved sub-grade and resurfaced, grubbing of cedars on 200 acres.
  • 2006, Z Bar M Ranch, constructed house pad with 35,000 cu. yds. on a hillside, 50 acre lake renovation- core with existing dam with water in the lake, cleared 300+ acres, constructed 5 miles of new road, and improved 20 miles of existing road, mine road material from existing tanks
  • Fox Canyon Ranch
  • 2010-2012, Comanche Ridge, various excavation projects for landowner.